Eat-In Menu        
Served with green salad, mint sauce & chutney sauce.   All tandoori dishes are marinated in special herbs & spices & cooked in charcoal clay oven.  Served with green salad & mint sauce.
Mixed Starter £5.60   Tandoori King Prawn £11.90
(Chicken & Lamb Tikka & Sheek Kebab)     Tandoori Fish (Hake) £9.90
      Tandoori Chicken (Half) £9.50
(Onion Bhajee, Vegetable Samosa)     Chicken Tikka (marinated pieces of chicken) £9.50
Tandoori Chicken £5.10   Lamb Tikka (marinated pieces of lamb) £9.50
Tandoori Lamb Chops £5.50   Tandoori Platter (Sheekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka, £14.50
Tandoori Fish £5.40   Lamb Tikka, Tandoori Chops,Nan & Salad.)
Chicken Tikka Shashlick £5.40      
Chicken Tikka £5.10      
Lamb Tikka £5.30      
Sheek Kebab £4.90      
Shami Kebab £4.90      
Paneer Tikka (Indian Cheese) V £4.80    
Nargis Kebab £4.90    
Chicken Pakora £4.90   TANDOORI SIGNATURE DISHES  
Mushroom Pakora V £4.80   Grilled chicken or lamb cooked in a highly rich home made tandoori massala or bhuna sauce with special herbs & spices - Spicy and Mild flavour.
Onion Bhajee V £4.50    
Vegetable Samosa V £4.50      
      Butter Chicken (Mild & creamy with butter) N £9.40
Meat Samosa £4.50   Chicken Tikka Massala (Mild & creamy) N £9.40
Prawn Cocktail £5.40   Chicken Tikka Pasanda (Mild & creamy) N £9.40
Chicken Chatt Puri £5.40   Chicken Tikka Bhoona £9.40
Prawn Puri £5.40   (Cooked with peppers, onions & tomatoes)  
Vegetable Puri V £5.20   Lamb Tikka Massala (Mild & Creamy) N £9.40
Papadom £1.00   Lamb Tikka Pasanda (Mild & Creamy) N £9.40
Spicy Papadom £1.20   Lamb Tikka Bhoona  
Pickle Tray £2.00   (Cooked with peppers, onions & tomatoes) £9.40
Vegetable Curry £4.90      
Mushroom Curry £4.90   BALTI DISHES  
Spinach Bhajee £4.90   A very popular dish cooked with onions, capsicum, and our chef's own blend of spices to create a beautiful medium to hot taste. Served in a traditional balti dish.
Vegetable Bhajee £4.90  
Bhindi Bhajee £4.90  
Cauliflower Bhajee £4.90      
Chana Bhajee (chick peas) £4.90   CHICKEN  
Chana Masala £4.90   Chicken Balti £8.60
Mushroom Bhajee £4.90   Chicken & Mushroom Balti £8.80
Aloo Gobi £5.10   Chicken & Spinach Balti £8.80
Bombay Aloo £4.90   Chicken & Chana Balti £8.80
Tarka Dhall (Garlic & lentils) £4.90   Chicken & Vegetable Balti £8.80
Madras Dhall (Lentils) £4.90   Chicken, Lamb & Prawn Balti £9.90
Sag Aloo £5.10   Chicken Tikka Balti £9.20
Matter Paneer (Indian cheese) V £5.10   Chicken Jalfrezi £8.80
Spinach Paneer (Indian cheese) V £5.10      
Vegetable Paneer (Indian cheese) V £5.10      
Boiled Rice £2.90   LAMB  
Fried Rice £3.10   Lamb Balti £8.70
Pilau Rice £3.20   Lamb & Mushroom Balti £8.90
Special Fried Rice £3.60   Lamb & Spinach Balti £8.90
Keema Pilau Rice (Mince meat) £4.80   Lamb & Chana Balti £8.90
Mushroom Pilau Rice £3.80   Lamb & Vegetable Balti £8.90
Vegetable Pilau Rice £3.80   Lamb Jalfrezi £9.10
Chips £2.90   Lamb Tikka Balti £9.40
Chapati £1.20      
Buttered Chapati £1.30      
Paratha £2.80   SEAFOOD  
Stuffed Paratha £2.90   King Prawn Balti £10.90
Onion Rings £2.90   Prawn Balti £8.70
Curry Sauce £3.80   Prawn & Mushroom Balti £8.90
Nan £2.10   Prawn & Spinach Balti £8.90
Keema Nan £2.90   Prawn & Chana Balti £8.90
Garlic Nan £2.80   Prawn & Vegetable Balti £8.90
Peshwari Nan £2.90   Tandoori King Prawn Balti £11.0
Cheese Nan £2.90   Fish Tikka Balti £9.60
Chilli Cheese Nan £2.90   Prawn Jalfrezi £9.10
Stuffed Nan £2.90      
Tandoori Roti £1.90   BIRIANI DISHES  
Mixed Raitha £3.40   Special Basmati rice cooked together with meat, prawn or chicken with delicate spices & herbs. Served with a vegetable curry to add to the taste of the dish. Sauce can be ordered medium or hot.
All steak served with chips, fried onion mushroom, peas and tomato.   Chicken Biriani £10.90
T Bone Steak £17.90   Lamb Biriani £11.90
Sirlion Steak £15.90   Keema Biriani (Mince Meat) £10.90
      Prawn Biriani £11.90
      King Prawn Biriani £12.50
      Vegetable Biriani £10.50
Scampi & Chips £7.50   Paneer Tikka Biriani £10.50
Plaice & Chips £7.50   Chicken Tikka Biriani £11.80
Chicken Goujons & Chips £7.00   Lamb Tikka Biriani £11.90
Chicken Omelette & Chips £7.50   Chicken, Lamb & Prawn Biriani £12.50
Cheese Omelette & Chips £7.50   Achari Biriani £11.50
Prawn Omelette & Chips £7.50   (choice of Chicken, Lamb or Prawn)  
Mushroom Omelette & Chips £7.50      
Roast Chicken & Chips £7.50      
VEGETABLE DISHES V     A selection of popular dishes that have been enjoyed & loved by generations of our curry lovers.  All these dishes are still being prepared using our own blend of herbs & spices since 1966.
Vegetable Balti £8.40      
Vegetable Curry (medium curry) £8.20   CHICKEN  
Mushroom Curry (medium curry) £8.20   Chicken Curry (medium curry) £8.50
Spinach Curry (medium curry) £8.20   Chicken & Mushroom Curry (medium curry) £8.70
Vegetable Bhoona £8.40   Chicken Dupiaja (diced onions & spices) £8.70
Bombay Aloo £8.40   Chicken Madras £8.70
Vegetable Madras £8.40   Chicken Vindaloo £8.70
Vegetable Dhansak £8.50   Chicken Bhoona (Onions, peppers & tomato) £8.70
Vegetable Pathia £8.50   Chicken Dhansak   (Sweet, sour & lentils) £8.70
Vegetable Malaya (Coconut & pineapple) £8.50   Chicken Rogan Josh £8.70
Vegetable Rogan Josh £8.50   Chicken Pathia £8.70
Vegetable Korma (Mild & creamy) £8.50   Chicken Korma £8.70
Matter Paneer (Indian cheese) £8.60   Chicken Malaya (Coconut & pineapple) £8.70
Spinach Paneer (Indian cheese) £8.60   Chicken Ceylon (Lemon & Coconut) £8.70
Vegetable Paneer (Indian cheese) £8.60      
Garlic Chilli Paneer (Indian cheese) £8.60      
Paneer Tikka Masala (Indian cheese) £8.60   LAMB  
Vegetable Achari £8.50   Lamb Curry (medium curry) £8.60
      Lamb & Mushroom Curry (medium curry) £8.80
      Lamb Dupiaja (Diced onions & spices) £8.80
KEEMA DISHES (Mince Meat)     Lamb Madras £8.80
Keema Matter (Peas) £8.80   Lamb Vindaloo £8.80
Keema Balti £8.60   Lamb Bhoona (Onion, pepper & tomatoes) £8.80
Keema Bengal Balti  (Cooked with boiled egg) £8.80   Lamb Dhansak (Sweet, sour & lentils) £8.80
Keema Spinach Balti £8.80   Lamb Rogan Josh £8.80
Keema Chana Balti   (Chickpeas) £8.80   Lamb Pathia (Sweet, sour & tomatoes) £8.80
      Lamb Korma (Mild & creamy) £8.80
All curry dishes can be made either Hot        
or Mild at your request.        
Extra vegetables can be added for an     King Prawn Curry (medium curry) £10.80
extra 60p each.     Prawn Curry (medium curry) £8.60
      Prawn & Mushrooom Curry (medium curry) £8.80
      Prawn Dupiaja (Diced onions & spices) £8.80


    Prawn Achari (Cooked with Indian pickle) £8.80

Vegetarian V  -   Slightly Hot

    Prawn Madras £8.80

Madras      -   Vindaloo

    Prawn Vindaloo £8.80
N THESE DISHES CONTAIN NUTS     Prawn Bhoona (Onions, peppers &  
      tomatoes) £8.80
      Prawn Dhansak (Sweet, sour & lentils) £8.80
      Prawn Rogan Josh £8.80


    Prawn Pathia (Sweet, sour & tomatoes) £8.80
      Prawn Korma (Mild & creamy) £8.80
Beverages     Lamb Shank Special £11.50
      Slow cooked lamb on the bone in a rich sauce, with onions, peppers, tomatoes and a touch of mint. Medium or spicy.  
Soft drinks £2.60   Thawa - Lamb £9.90
Red Bull £2.60   Shredded and mince lamb, pan fried with onions, coriander, garlic and giner. Medium hot and dry dish.  
J20 (various) £2.60   Methi - Lamb £9.90
Sparkling Water  (Small) £2.60   Cooked in a Rich Spiced Sauce with Fengugreek  
Sparkling Water (Large) £4.20   Nagah - Chicken or Lamb £9.90
Coffee £2.50   Chicken or Lamb Tikka cooked in a Thick Sauce with Nagah Chilli (Bengal Chilli), Fresh Garlic, Peppers and Onions, a Very Hot Dish.  
Cream Coffee £3.90   Rezalla - Chicken or Lamb £9.90
Liqueur Coffee £4.90   Chicken or Lamb Tikka Pieces Cooked with Fresh Green Chillies, Peppers, Onions and Tomatoes, Garnished with Fresh Cream and Butter Creating a Dish of Contrasting Flavours.  
Tea £2.50   Chasni - Chicken or Lamb £9.90
Mineral Water (Small) £2.60   Chicken or Lamb Tikka in a Sweet & Sour Sauce, with Mango, Peppers and Onions, a Mild to Medium Dish.  
Mineral Water (Large) £4.20   Tandoori Murghi Massala £9.90
      Strips of Tandoori Chicken Cooked with Minced Lamb and Boiled Egg in a Thick Medium Sauce.  
      Garlic Chilli - Chicken or Lamb £9.90
      Tender Pieces of Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka, Cooked with Fresh Garlic, Green Chillies, Onions and Green Peppers in a Rich Spicy Sauce.  
      Chicken Shashlick £9.90
      Marinated Chicken, cooked with Onions, Peppers, Tomatoes, in a Rich Light Sauce.  
      Paneer Shashlick V £9.50
      Marinated Indian Cottage Cheese Cooked with Onions, Peppers, Tomatoes, in a Rich Light Sauce.  
      Achari - Chicken or Lamb £9.90
      Cooked in a rich savoury sauce with Indian Pinkles.  
      Bengal Fish Supreme £9.90
      Telapia fish marinated, shallow fried, cooked in a rich spicy sauce.  
Starters and Side Dishes will not be served without main meals.
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