Entertainment At Tyseley WMC

Entertainment plays a big part in the weekly schedule at Tyseley Working Mens Club. There are events on every Saturday evening in the Lounge and every Sunday in the Function room. Click on the 'What's On' button below to see the forthcoming attractions.


Additional events are arranged from time to time and at Christmas time and these will also appear on the What's On page.

The club also hosts showcase events for Waterfords Agency, which prove extremely popular with members and visitors alike. Several acts appear in a single night and provide the club and its members with the opportunity to see the acts prior to booking them for the regular Saturday and Sunday shows. Information about these shows will appear on the What's on page.

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Regular Attractions

Tyseley Working Mens Club holds a number of regular events and draws, which prove very popular with the members. Entry to Sunday bingo and entertainment costs £1.60 for adults and 80p for senior citizens and children. There is a flat charge of 30p for bingo on Wednesdays, which is returned as prize money.

  •  Door Ticket Draw
    The entry fee to the bingo entitles the holder to a ticket, which goes into a prize draw. The prize is a free session of bingo.
  •  Bingo
    Bingo takes place every Wednesday (9-10:15pm) and Sunday (8-9:15pm) in the Concert room. Total silence descends on the room as the players listen intently for their numbers to be called out. The atmosphere becomes tense as the game progresses and there is a mixture of relief and frustration as the winner calls 'house !'. How lucky will you be ?
    Each session includes a six-page book where £10 is paid for any line and £20 for a house. There are then 4 fliers with varying prize money depending on the prize pot.
  •  Super Sevens
    When you purchase your bingo books, you can get them stamped for the Super Sevens for just 20p. If you win a game on a seven, you win the accumulated bonus prize, but only if the book has been stamped.
  •  Bonus Board
    When 'house' is called on a number on the bonus board, that number is removed from the board. Winners completing the board gain an extra prize.
  •  Snowball
    During the evening, one game contains the snowball draw. If 'house' is called on or before the snowball number, the lucky winner also collects an extra prize, which accumulates over the weeks until it is won.

    As well as the standard game, two variants of bingo are also played, as a little light-hearted relief from the main event. These are Psychic Bingo and Standee Uppee, Sittee Downee.
  •  Psychic Bingo
    In Psychic Bingo, players choose three numbers from the usual 1-90 used in the normal game and whoever's three numbers are called out first wins a prize of up to £100. The stake for this game is just 50p. How well do you think you will do ?
  •  Standee Uppee, Sittee Downee
    The entry fee for this game is £1 and all the entrants start in the game. As soon as your number is called, you are out and take no further part. When there are only four players left in the game, these are called to the floor for the final stages.
    Two more players are eliminated to leave the final two entrants and at this point, you get to show your true colours - do you agree to share the £80 prize money between you or try to grab it all, by waiting for the other player to be eliminated ?
    After the bingo on Sunday evenings, there is a show from one of the many performing artistes that are available to the club through its agency contacts. These vary from week to week, featuring music to suit all tastes.

  •  Open The Box 
    The 'Open The Box' draw takes place every Wednesday and Sunday evening. The holder of the winning ticket has the opportunity to chose a key and stands to win the jackpot if they open the box. There are 13 keys to start with and this decreases by one each week until the jackpot is won, to a minimum of 3 keys. The jackpot increases every week until it is won and can reach between £1000 and £1500. A winner who fails to open the box now receives £30.
  •  Mini Tote
    A Mini Tote draw takes place every Wednesday and Sunday evening. Anyone choosing the two winning numbers wins a share of the tote prize, which reaches around £150 for each draw. If there are no winners, the numbers are redrawn.
  •  Bowls Tote
    The Bowls Tote draw is made every Sunday evening. There are 48 numbers to choose from and the prize fund accumulates over a number of weeks, until a winner is found. This can run into hundreds of pounds.
  •  Entertainment Cards
    Entertainment Cards are drawn on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Saturdays usually have two cards with 48 chances each, stake £1. Each card winner receives £24. On Sundays, two cards are also run with a 50p stake, each winner receiving £18.
  •  Poker Nights
    Tuesday night in the Lounge is Poker Night. Its all done with chips and its just for fun. See if you can outwit the other players and finish with the biggest haul. The first hands are at 8:30pm and there are regular breaks for smokers and visits to the bar. See Ron behind the bar for more information, or just come down and watch.
  •  Quiz Nights
    Quiz Nights are run periodically and details will appear on the What's On page.
  •  Karaoke Thursday
    Thursday night is Karaoke night in the lounge. Just come along and choose from a wide selection of songs. It's all good fun, so have a go. Find out more...  Note : this is replaced on the last Thursday each month with the Big 'S' Disco (see below).
  •  Line Dancing
    Line dancing run on Thursday evenings in the Concert room. Contact Keith or Joyce (number on posters within the club) for more details.
  •  Christmas Raffle
    During the last few weeks of the year, tickets are available for the Christmas raffle, which boasts a wide variety of prizes, electrical goods, wines, spirits, etc.



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